The Lonesome Young by Lucy Conners

The Lonesome Young - Lucy Connors

Victoria, one of the Whitfields of Whitfield County, has just returned home from boarding school, when she meets Mickey Rhodale, one of the infamous Rhodale boys who are nothing but trouble. Their chance encounter at the site of a meth lab explosion leads to a Romeo and Juliet style romance, where no one is safe. Can Mickey and Victoria find a way to be together and end the feud that has lasted several generations? 

I loved that Victoria took the time to make up her own mind about Mickey, and was able to see the good in him, sometimes even in spite of him. The drugs, guns, and lawlessness of Mickey's family has had several collisions with the uptight, and seemingly perfect Whitfield family for several generations. This leads to danger and high tension, as Victoria and Mickey come to realize they will stop at nothing to be together. A very enjoyable read!

*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.