Poor Little Dead Girls

Poor Little Dead Girls - Lizzie Friend

Sadie is awarded a scholarship for lacrosse to the elite private school her mother attended. While she is wary about moving away, she is hopeful she will have a better chance of getting a college scholarship, and when she meets Jessica on her tour, she finds an instant friend. 

Private school is not exactly what Sadie expected, but she begins to find her way, and ends up becoming a part of a creepy secret society that she doesn't even understand. And the more she finds out, the scarier it gets. 

Sadie also meets and starts dating Jeremy from the boys' lacrosse team, and she is relieved when he is inducted into the secret society as well. But can she trust him when things get crazy? 

This story was creepy and suspenseful, and Jeremy is so sweet and funny. What a great combination and a great read! 

*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.