Monsters (Ashes Trilogy)

Monsters - Ilsa J. Bick Not your average YA book, which is why I love this series! I received an advance copy in exchange for an honest review, so here goes. Yes, these books are longer than most YA, and told through many different character's perspectives. This can be a little confusing, if you aren't sure who is who. For me, I like that it is a more challenging read, how the characters and story lines are interconnected and complex. The anticipation of knowing at some point they are going to intersect but when and how, just adds to the suspense. The heroine, Alex, is pulled in many directions, trying to push down the monster in her head, while travelling with a pack of Changed and dealing with her feelings for Wolf/Simon. Will she ever find Tom again, or will it be Chris? Will any of them survive? I liked finding out more about Peter, Chris, Simon and Penny. Each of the characters is fighting the demons of their past, while trying to survive to make it into an uncertain future. This book is dark, complex, suspenseful, and I enjoyed every minute!