Lives of Magic

Lives of Magic - Lucy Leiderman Kidnapped on her way to her first day at a new high school by a handsome stranger, Gwen finds out she is not who or what she thinks she is. She and her fellow magical warriors sacrificed themselves to be able to fight the evil Magicians sometime in the future. Unfortunately she does not remember any of this, nor how to use these magical powers. Her kidnapper/ guide Kian is trying to help her remember her past life, access her powers and find her fellow magicians to stop the evil Magicians from destroying the world. I received and advance copy from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review:I really enjoyed this book, once I got into it. I enjoyed the characters and the revelations from their past and how it affects them presently. Love triangles, past and present added to suspense of the characters trying to find their past, and the adventure of working together to save their future.